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Modification of Custody

Thinking over the Best Interests Standards

Early morning random thoughts for Single Parents.

* Single parents are not stuck in a court order schedule if that schedule does not work well for the child. If it is in a child's best interests to have a different schedule then perhaps it is appropriate to mediate to a modification or litigate & modify.

** You know, if the child's grades are affected negatively then maybe a different schedule is warranted for the children to thrive.

***CASE A- Parent 1 KNOWS that her sons struggle at school - she thinks in part because of the 50/50 custody schedule currently in place. Parent 2 disagrees and won't give up any of his time. So they prepare to go to court. Both lawyer-up. Court is looming now in December. Mediation is still on the table. I hope to have them meet with a mediator. I think Parent 2 needs to know though that these kids are TOO young to be shuttled back and forth and Parent 1 has to give Parent 2 still a lot of time to be sure that he has an ongoing relationship with his sons.

****TIP: The parents should decide together. Without court intervention. Just sit down and discuss. They have 20 more years of making these sorts of decisions for their kids they should start now by sitting down and discussing and both compromising and coming to an agreement. It's important to kids to see their parents come to parenting agreements in a civil, friendly and dedicated manner.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I have my thinking cap on early this morning!

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