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  • Why is "Lawyer-Led" Mediation better?

    Because we have litigated, negotiated and resolved custody and divorce matters both inside and outside of the courtroom.


    Because as trial attorneys we practice in Virginia courts and understand Virginia Domestic Relations Law.


    Because we can help you find solutions and options you and your spouse may not have already considered.


    Because of our courtroom experiences we can shed light on complicated family-law legal issues and ways to solve them.


    Because as trial-lawyers we know that it is smarter to mediate than to litigate.

  • Save, Less Stress and a Win-Win Instead of a Lose-Lose

    What are the Benefits to Mediating?

    Will Mediation Really Save Me Thousands?


    Litigation costs on average $30,000 per couple. Mediation costs on average $2,700 per couple.


    Our mediators are able to help you solve your matters peacefully & without litigation.

    Why Shouldn't We Just Go To Court?


    Litigation can take a really long time and costs a lot of money. AND the judge is a stranger that may decide your case incorrectly! But it can take a long, long time to just even get to court!


    If you want a quick solution and you want to "be done" with your divorce, this is not the way to go.


    The worst part about litigating is, there is so much anger between you and your ex that your children ultimately suffer and that's so much worse than the lawyer fees.


    There are no winners in court. Judges will tell you that. Lawyers will tell you that. And anyone who has been to court will tell you that. You are making a smart choice by considering alternative dispute resolution like mediation.

    What is #1 Benefit Of Mediation?


    Most people don't realize how difficult it is to get free in Virginia. The legal hoops you have to jump through are really frustrating. But it also is true that mediation leads to being free faster than litigation and without the drama, mud-slinging and toxicity that litigation typically has. Litigation can be toxic for you and your family.


    Court proceedings can be financially draining, emotionally exhausting and physically detrimental. Why? Because no one but the lawyers win if you litigate!


    In contrast, mediation leads to numerous benefits: Learning to work together, the ability to avoid court and pursue an uncontested divorce, keeping more of your savings, pensions & retirements.


    Protect your right to choose the outcome of your own case by deciding your future rather than entrusting it to a Judge!


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    Claudia T. Greves

    Family Law Trial Attorney &

    Family Law Mediator

    Georgetown University Law Center J.D. - UMW - MBA - United States Navy Veteran. Partner with Hawk Law Since 2016. Trial-litigator in Virginia Courts. Currently litigates in Circuit Court & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court and mediates for all matters from modification through divorce, Protective Orders & Rules to Show Cause. Member of the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Women Attorney's Association & the Fairfax Bar Association. Member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar & the Family Law Section of the Fairfax Bar Association. 703-273-2090. claudia@hawklawva.com

    Carlos Ampuero

    Legal Assistant

    More than 15 years expertise is providing 5-Star Service. Fully Bi-Lingual in Spanish & English. Friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. Legal Assistant since 2017. He can help & assist you in any way you may need and also can help you sign up for & understand our services. You will be in contact with Mr. Carlos or someone on his team for any matters where you require scheduling assistance &/or client care. 703-273-2090. carlos@hawklawva.com

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  • Eagle Mediation

    Our Services and Published Rates

    Family-Law Settlement Agreement Drafted
    After your successful mediation we will draft the legal agreement necessary for you to properly file with the court.
    Coming soon
    Divorce and Custody Mediation
    5.5 hours of property, asset/debt allocation, spousal support, retirement allocation, marital home disposition and all things custody, to include child support. Led by Litigating Family-Law Attorney.
    Coming soon
    Custody-Only Mediation
    3.5 hours of just custody schedules, legal custody discussions and any other pertinent matters to minor children only. No property, divorce or other matters. Led by Litigating Family-Law Attorney.
    Coming soon
    Divorce Only Mediation (no minor children)
    3.5 hours of just property, asset/debt allocation, spousal support, retirement allocation and marital home disposition. No custody. Led by Litigating Family-Law Attorney.
    Coming soon
    Drafted Marital Settlement Agreement
    After a successful mediation we will draft the legal documentation necessary to properly file with the court. This Marital Settlement Agreement includes issues like: Custody, Debt Allocation, Marital Home Disposition, Spousal and Child Support.
    Coming soon
    Divorce-Only Agreement Drafted
    After your successful mediation we will draft the legal documentation necessary to properly file with the court. This agreement will be comprehensive and will include spousal support, retirement splitting, debt allocation and disposition of the marital home and possible proceeds.
    Coming soon
    Family-Law Mediation
    Post-Divorce Custody Matters, Protective Order Matters, Inner-Family Disputes of Any Kind other than Divorce. 3.5 hours of Family-Law Mediation conducted by Litigating-Family-Law-Attorney.
    Coming soon
    Custody-Only Agreement Drafted
    After your successful mediation we will draft the legal agreement necessary for you to properly file with the court.
    Coming soon


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  • Helpful Information


    Courts and Judges Favor Mediation!

    The courts favors divorce mediation and prefers that couples use alternative dispute resolution such as mediation because it frees up the court calendar to hear more pressing and urgent family law matters on other cases such as temporary restraining orders and temporary support, visitation and custody matters. Judges often tell litigants to stop litigating and to solve their problems outside the courtroom. Why? Because there are no winners if you litigate.

    Mediation is Easier on Kids!

    If you are contemplating a divorce or having trouble settling divorce issues with your spouse, mediation might be the best choice for you and your spouse to settle your divorce issues in a more amicable fashion with less stress on you and other family members, including your children. Remember that divorce also

    takes a toll on children and affects other family members including your pets. Being able to settle issues quickly helps children and other

    family members adjust to the situation as well.

    Costs, Privacy & Attorneys.

    Anything that you say in mediation is kept confidential and does not get included in the public court records. Typically, the two parties share the costs of the mediation fee. Any variations can be decided by the parties on their own. Our mediations take place over a four-hour timeframe. If you and/or your spouse are represented by our own family law attorney, you can consult with the attorney pf course and attorneys are welcome at the mediations as well!

    2.5 Million People Were Divorced!

    In 2019, more than 2.5 million people were divorced in the United States. The good news is that the vast majority (over 90%) of those people mediated or found a way to settle their cases without litigation. But finding a way to settle with your spouse sounds easier said than done, right? Right! That is why you need a professional Attorney-Mediator to help you and your spouse find your way to settlement and resolution.

    Mediation = No Court.

    Mediate with us and avoid the stress of having to face a judge in a formal courtroom setting. You will have to talk about your personal financial issues and your personal family life. In contrast, whatever is said at mediation, stays at mediation. It is confidential, unlike a court hearing where testimony is put into public record and anyone can come in and sit down and listen to you and soon to be ex-spouse fighting over your divorce issues.

    A Mediator Will Evaluate!

    Our mediators act as evaluators and facilitators. We try and help you resolve your divorce issues. We do not decide or rule on the issues like a judge. It is up to you both to come to an agreement. We will help by making suggestions, helping you determine if additional information needs to be provided by one of the parties and help you understand how arguments or case facts may be seen and litigated by attorneys and courts. We will share our trial experiences with you and let you each determine the strength and weaknesses in your own and the other person's case.

    Mediations are Better!

    95% or more couples choose mediation over going to trial because mediation is quicker, less expensive and private. Keep your dirty laundry out of the public's eye!

    We Provide All Legal Documents!

    Once you and your spouse have reached a negotiated settlement, if you would like, we will draft an agreement for your review. If one or both parties are represented by attorneys, then it is a good idea for each party to have their respective attorney review the agreement before they sign it.

    Divorce Is Really Tough.

    Experts compare divorce to a death and the bereavement stages of anger, fear, loss, sadness and healing that accompany death. Even if you are the one who initiates the divorce, you still may have unresolved emotional issues about ending the marriage that surface now or in the future. And the divorce-process can take longer than a year to complete in Virginia! One of the easiest ways to make your divorce less painful is to mediate your divorce

    and custody issues with an Eagle Mediation Attorney-Mediator.

    Specially-Trained Mediators Help!

    We understand that anger and disappointment are common feelings that may arise during divorce negotiations. In fact, many times you may have a hard time communicating with your spouse whatsoever about the division of property, child custody and spousal and child support issues. Our Mediators are Litigating-Family-Law Attorneys that are specially-trained neutral third parties, with a Family-Law background. They bring their expertise to bear on the subjects and issues you may be having difficulties resolving.

    We Walk You Through Each Step

    During your initial consultation meeting with the Attorney-Mediator we will discuss the process and how best to prepare. You will be asked to collect documents and return them to our office as soon as possible. After a thorough review of your document submissions and during our mediation with you and your spouse - we will begin where you will each have an opportunity to make opening statements or you may pass on this step if you choose. Then each issue will be discussed and if resolved then memorialized in a Memorandum of Agreement.

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